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Health Supplements

Premium quality health supplements to support your health, made from natural and organic ingredients.

Udo’s Oil and Udo’s Choice products

This premium quality range of organic wholefood formulas are designed to provide essential nutrients for optimal health.

  • Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend
  • Udo’s DHA 3-6-9 Oil Blend
  • Udo’s Beyond Greens - now with FERMENTED greens!
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Flor•Essence® Herbal Tea Blend

  • For detoxification, immune support and digestion
  • Ancient formula of 8 herbs (6 are certified organic)
  • Liquid tea blend or dry sachets (3 x 21g makes 3 litres
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Fusion Health Supplements

  • Powerful herbs combining Eastern and Western tradition
  • Manufactured in Australia to natural pharmaceutical standard
  • Energetically balanced formulations with optimal ingredient levels
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Missing Link

  • All-in-one superfood supplement for healthy skin, coat and vitality
  • Targets the nutritional gap between nature and commercial food
  • Reintroduces unprocessed nutrients into your animal's diet
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Flora Vegesil

  • Vegetal is a natural source of vegetal silica from Spring Horsetail
  • Silica is required for healthy nails, hair, bones, teeth, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue and more.
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Heritage Store Castor Oil products

  • Castor Oil – ultra pure, hexane-free, highest quality
  • Baking Soda soap – alkalising, soothing, sulphate-free
  • 100% pure wool flannel, unbleached
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  • Natural nutritional support and bodycare products
  • Help to combat stress, allergies, toxins, free radicals, deficiencies etc
  • Based on the amazing benefits of OXYgen and MINerals.
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PPC Herbs

  • PPC Herbs is an Australian natural therapies and herbal medicine company
  • PPC uses organic and wild crafted herbs wherever possible in its cold percolation process
  • all preparations independently tested by Southern Cross University
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FLORA Health Supplements and Essences

  • Flora Psyllium Husks - a laxative for relief of constipation
  • Flora Vegetarian DHA - one serving provides 250mg DHA
  • Flora Wheat Grass - a superfood for the whole family
  • Cardio-Essence and Respir-Essence for heart and respiratory health
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