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Alladin Carafe 1.3L - PLATINUM
Alladin Carafe 1.3L - PLATINUM

ALLADIN 1.3L Carafes:

The ALLADIN carafe is the standard version in the Nature's Design carafe range. The variant with the platinum logo in the carafe base in particular has remained one of the most popular Nature's Design products for many years. The shape of the carafe has been designed to restructure water molecules.

The Flower of Life symbols has been emblazoned into the base in Platinum to further enhance the revitalising influence of the glassware, and promote feelings of self-love and self-recognition.

The Platinum Flower of Life
Platinum is very rare just 0.005 ppm (parts per million) are found the earth’s crust. For those who possess it should be grateful and proud, so the Platinum Flower of Life can enhance confidence in oneself and allow us to feel more love to ourselves and be able to give that out. 

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