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SURYA Henna Powder MAHOGANY 50g

SURYA Henna Powder MAHOGANY 50g

Surya Henna POWDER

This powder has to be mixed with water before applying to the hair. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided in the pack.

Surya Henna POWDER is a temporary colouring and hair treatment. It is the only Henna Hair Colour product that is 100% natural, with no preservatives or chemical elements. It only contains herbs and fruits imported from India and Brazil (Amazon) which undergo a special process of drying and milling. The colour in Surya Henna Powder is a 100% natural plant based formation.

Surya Henna hair colours are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Each colour cream and/or powder will deposit natural colour while revitalizing, moisturizing and conditioning the hair. Each formula is enriched with natural extracts (and some organic ingredients), nourishing hair for increased luster, softness and elasticity to the hair strands. It colours without severing the original structure of capillary keratin and forms a protective film around each hair, protecting the health of the hair.

Henna Powders contain Amla, an Indian fruit rich in vitamin C, Shikakai, native to India, the word means “fruit for the hair” and is a superior cleanser that supports hair growth; Terminalia Belerica which functions as an astringent and bactericide and Indigo which is known for its colouring properties.

Since it is totally natural, it does not contain peroxide, ammonia, or heavy metals and it can also be used to children, people allergic to chemicals, pregnant women or people undergoing chemotherapeutic treatment. It acts as a hair treatment as well as a colouring agent due to its conditioning, toning, fungi static and bacteriostatic action, which prevents hair fall out and dandruff.

Surya Henna Powder has a natural red base, so you may have red tones in your new colour, and golden ones as well. Surya Henna also produces a Neutral (colourless) Powder, which provides intense moisturising for the hair and scalp.

Surya Henna Hair Colours were specifically designed to cover grey hair. If you have a higher percentage of grey (50%) or more, you may have to keep our henna on longer and apply more often.

Surya Henna Powders will last longer when using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner like our Surya Brasil’s Color Fixation collection. Depending on how often you wash your hair and what you are washing your hair with (other brands may strip hair of colour because they may contain ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate). We recommend you shampoo with Surya Brasil Color Fixation Shampoo and Conditioner. Surya Henna Powder colour will typically last in your hair for 20-30 shampoos.

Surya Henna Powder Quality Guarantee:

  • Safe to use on chemically treated hair including perms, body waves, relaxed, highlighted and colour-treated hair, Surya henna products also fight dandruff, reduce hair loss and excessive oiliness.
  • Does not contain peroxide, ammonia, heavy metals, parabens, PPD, PTD, resorcinol or other ingredients which may cause harm to the health or environment.
  • No animal testing! Formula is 100% based on exotic herbs and fruits.
  • Raw materials are harvested with environmental responsibility pursuing sustainable development.
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.


  • Henna - moisturises and forms a protective layer on each hair strand
  • Amla - an Indian fruit rich in Vitamin C
  • Shikakai - from India, the word mean "Fruit for the hair", it provides deep cleansing.
  • Terminalia Belerica: astringent and bactericide
  • Indigofera Tinctoria (Indigo)

Each packet of Henna Powder contains:

  • 50 grams of Henna Powder
  • one pair of plastic gloves
  • one plastic cap
  • easy to follow instructions.

To learn more about Henna, how to apply this hair colour, or the Surya range visit

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